Ed Peers [Every Wedding Is An Adventure] Workshop | Shoreditch - London

Ahh where do i even begin. Most wedding photographers know Ed Peers, but for the average person who doesn't, Ed is one of the worlds best and sought after destination wedding photographers in the world. I always admired his work and as soon i heard he was holding a workshop, i was going bananas at what this opportunity could bring! 

This was the first workshop i attended. Naturally i was a little anxious but super excited. Having the opportunity to rub shoulders with Ed was insane and meeting likeminded photographers who became instant friends was awesome. To say it was amazing is an understatement. The workshop was held in quirky loft apartment in Shoreditch where Ed openly talked about his story from his early beginnings to crafting his vision and how he manages all aspects of his business. I was really amazed by his humble and honest ways. We also then had the fantastic opportunity to go out for a shoot session with Haj+Andrew who were Ed's clients (and awesome photographers in their own right). 

I took a LOT from this workshop and really looking forward to what the future holds. Here is a glimpse of the day, thanks Ed for inspiring us!