David + Batool | Khartoum, Sudan Wedding Photography

My brother David, the second youngest after me got married over 2 years ago to Batool. Our community in Sudan is fairly small and tight knit, everyone knows everyone and in most cases an extended family connection exists between people if they are not directly related. Similar to my wife and i, David and Batool have known each other for a very long time where they have attended the same school, and through weekly gathering in both the main social club and church, but have always just been 'friends', that was until he popped the question!

Our weddings usually lasts for days, indulging in numerous family gatherings, traditional henna parties that lead up to the big day. It was around this time, just over 2 years ago, when i began thinking of documenting the biggest day of someone's life and do it professionally, so this provided me the first opportunity to start experimenting and portray the emotions and beauty of such an occasion. Love you both to bits!